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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Listen, I am as sick and tired of politics as you are....but just hang in there one more week; then we can all go back to bitching and moaning about how bad our legislators are. This time things could be different! Do you have any idea how much you have already achieved? Your complaining about how much you hate the legislative practice of doing their work behind closed doors, and in secret and doing their dirty deals without our permission is now going to change! On Friday October 27th 2006, the Republican Senate, (and the House is bound to follow), HAVE OPENED GOVERNMENT! FROM NOW ON THE LEGISLATURE WILL BE FORCED TO OPEN UP...AND THEY ARE NOW GOING TO BE OFFICIALLY CALLED A "PUBLIC BODY". THAT MEANS THAT THEY HAVE TO OBEY ALL THE RULES: LETTING YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING; NO MORE SECRET DEALS, NOT MORE PLAYING THEIR SNEAKY GAMES, AND WASTING YOUR MONEY WITH UNDER-THE-TABLE DEALS, NO MORE HIDDEN MEETINGS WITH DELMARVA, ETC. ETC. ETC. You actually did that, with your letters, with your presenations at meetings, with your phone calls to radio talk shows, and your comments to blogs. I thank you for being so cared, and you showed it. Don't forget that the real heros of this change to open government are the legislators who were THE FIRST to be involved with this issue: SENATOR KAREN PETERSON, FIRST AND FOREMOST, (her idea, her bill, her dedication); then, SENATOR DAVE CICOLA SECOND, SENATOR CATHY CLOUTIER THIRD, SENATOR COLIN BONINNI FOURTH, SENATOR COPELAND FIFTH, SENATOR DAVE MCBRIDE SIXTH, SENATOR DORI CONNOR SEVENTH, SENATOR LIANE SORENSON EIGHTH ....ALL THE OTHERS CAME ON BOARD UNDER PRESSURE. THOSE FIRST 8 SIGNED ON BECAUSE THEY BELEIVED IN IT, AND THEY SHOULD BE GIVEN THE PRAISE FOR THEIR INTEGRITY.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006



This blog was supposed to open for business in August....but a guy gets busy.


This blog will be a blatant example of down-and-dirty yellow journalism at its worst. If you want professional blogging with real serious, well-researched information and written with intelligent insight, then don't miss reading the blog called DELAWARE WATCH, by Dana Garrett. He's the bomb, when it comes to blogging. In addition, if you want some fun, and feel like seeing what happens when the shit hits if fan in Delaware, drop over here to my blog now and then (preferably every day).

I started this undertaking back in the late seventies with a little 4 page fold out newspaper. It was called Commuter News back then. It came out every Monday and Wednesday, and was distributed at more than 60 locations throughout New Castle County. It was also found in a box attached to the coin boxes on every DART bus. Of course, I got in trouble. In fact, may paper was thrown off the busses when I wrote a critical piece about the bad quality of the bus service.....I think it was the headline that caused the problem: "DART REALLY STANDS FOR: Dumb Asses Ruining Transportation". However, I got even with the State Secretary Of Transportation, for throwing my paper off the busses. His name was Kermit Justice, and I wrote about him a lot. Eventually, he was indicted, convicted and did some federal hard time prison for some illegal money making scheme. Apparently he had his own version of coin collecting and putting the money in his personal account.

After a 15 year layoff of the paper, I revived it in 1994, and called it "Wilmington Views Journal" it's in blog form right here: Delaware Views Journal.

If you listen to the radio show on WDEL from 1 till 3, you will get a feel for what I will be doing here with this blog. However, the good news is that I AM allowed to write those seven forbidden curse words which I am not allowed to say on the radio, and will probably put a lot more body part jokes into the know penis, breasts, etc. etc., etc.

I know it's hard to believe, but I have also done some professional freelance writing in well-respected publications like TV Guide, Nation's Business, Industry Week, Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, Delaware Today, and some others. I also wrote some opinion pieces for the News Journal many years ago, but I usually don't brag about that, since the News Journal really doesn't qualify as a "professional publication". Besides, they never paid me.

I have a rule for my talk show topics on the radio, as well as, with all my writing,

I only talk and write about subjects I am an expert in, or have experienced firsthand, or something I am really pissed off about.

OK, do we understand one another now? I intend to get some really bad legislators thrown the hell out of office, and hopefully, thrown into jail. I hope that you will put some really good guys in office, so we can have some quality public officials in this pathetic State Legislature.

Did I mention that I'm a transplanted New Yawker? (came here in 1976). My background is just this side of absolutely weird: Member of a Roman Catholic Religous Order (ages 14 to 24, teacher and coach of all major sports in catholic high schools)....NYPD (patrolman and detective division)....taught in a reformation...drove a worker at a Mob controlled company.....taught and counseled in an adolescent mental hospital....was Director of Campus Security at a State University of New York, during the late sixties, when they were trying to blow up colleges....public high school teacher, ice hockey coach, and football coach....Director of a Crime Council in Reading, Pa....criminal justice department chairman at Alvernia College in Reading Pa, and came here to be Criminal Justice Department Chairman at Wilmington College. My claim to fame there, besides tripling the enrolment at Wilmington College, was firing Joe Farnan (now Federal Judge Farnan), and hiring Attorney Joe Hurley, (Farnan sucked as teacher and Joe was a great teacher).

I lost 9 jobs in 16 years because I was a sicko compulsive gambler who was living a hidden life of lies, loans, and larceny due to my gambling addiction. I've been homeless, on welfare, in prison, totally poverty stricken, converted from having been a flat out racist. All in all, my specific insights may provide you with some interesting blog reading, and interesting things to hear on WDEL every Monday through Friday from 1 till 3pm. Perhaps my only value to this world has been in fathering and helping to guide five of the greatest kids in the world....Megan a certified dentist at Philadelphia Childrens' Hospital/ Joey, who runs an up-scale restaurant near Philly/ Kevin, a budding independent film maker/ Keri, a great teacher at charter school/ and Brian, perhaps coming close to a pro baseball career, (we'll know for sure by next spring). They are all better looking than me, smarter than me, nicer than me....every father's dream, right?

That's the introduction for now...come back and read some interesting stuff....what the hell, give it a shot.....COMMENTS ARE WELCOME, OF COURSE, BUT I PROBABLY WON'T GIVE A RAT'S ASS ABOUT YOUR OPINION. SEE YA!