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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Listen, I am as sick and tired of politics as you are....but just hang in there one more week; then we can all go back to bitching and moaning about how bad our legislators are. This time things could be different! Do you have any idea how much you have already achieved? Your complaining about how much you hate the legislative practice of doing their work behind closed doors, and in secret and doing their dirty deals without our permission is now going to change! On Friday October 27th 2006, the Republican Senate, (and the House is bound to follow), HAVE OPENED GOVERNMENT! FROM NOW ON THE LEGISLATURE WILL BE FORCED TO OPEN UP...AND THEY ARE NOW GOING TO BE OFFICIALLY CALLED A "PUBLIC BODY". THAT MEANS THAT THEY HAVE TO OBEY ALL THE RULES: LETTING YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING; NO MORE SECRET DEALS, NOT MORE PLAYING THEIR SNEAKY GAMES, AND WASTING YOUR MONEY WITH UNDER-THE-TABLE DEALS, NO MORE HIDDEN MEETINGS WITH DELMARVA, ETC. ETC. ETC. You actually did that, with your letters, with your presenations at meetings, with your phone calls to radio talk shows, and your comments to blogs. I thank you for being so cared, and you showed it. Don't forget that the real heros of this change to open government are the legislators who were THE FIRST to be involved with this issue: SENATOR KAREN PETERSON, FIRST AND FOREMOST, (her idea, her bill, her dedication); then, SENATOR DAVE CICOLA SECOND, SENATOR CATHY CLOUTIER THIRD, SENATOR COLIN BONINNI FOURTH, SENATOR COPELAND FIFTH, SENATOR DAVE MCBRIDE SIXTH, SENATOR DORI CONNOR SEVENTH, SENATOR LIANE SORENSON EIGHTH ....ALL THE OTHERS CAME ON BOARD UNDER PRESSURE. THOSE FIRST 8 SIGNED ON BECAUSE THEY BELEIVED IN IT, AND THEY SHOULD BE GIVEN THE PRAISE FOR THEIR INTEGRITY.


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